[LAN001] NUEVE – Universo Granular

Artist: NUEVE
Album: Universo Granular LP
Genre: IDM, Glitch, Experimental Techno, Drill´n´Bass, Ambient, Breakcore



Artwork: Keyofmindcollage

[IPND031] ACTION AGENDA – In a State of Emergency

Action Agenda – St. Petersburg breakcore project consisting of two people – Igor Lenin (Shotgun Orchestra) and Vyacheslav Studenikin (Vincent Nine), was born in 2015. It focuses on the hard, dense sound. The project is not limited to breakcore, here you can hear the jungle, speedcore, hardcore…

Which is co-released with Deathsoundbat Recordings (Russia), Blank Notlabel (Russia), Sociopath Recordings (Taiwan), and OthermanRecords (Japan).


This album is co-released with:
Blank Notlabel (Russia): blanknotlabel.bandcamp.com
Deathsoundbat Recordings (Russia): soundcloud.com/deathsoundbat-recordings
Sociopath Recordings (Taiwan): http://www.sociopath-recordings.com
Otherman Records (Japan): otherman-records.com